Chapter 25: mini ‘heart attacks’ [SPATIUM]


okay so it has been 4 days of voting and let me just say, wow, trying to get people to vote for you is really really hard. Well, especially when you have like pretty much no social skills at all. In that case, you just have to 1 2 3 #YesICan your way through voting period, which is what I do. (we have team members like Su who is just born with confidence but I am not one of those people)

I am not sure if you noticed, but there is this Top 5 thing at the bottom of the NEmation website when you view it using a computer. Let me just say, that thing honestly stresses me out, along with the Facebook updates Mr James has been giving us, which is a)vague and b)horrifying. For the past few days the whole top 5 teams thing has been fluctuating, of course some teams have a steady lead, but it may not last forever. Furthermore, the top 5 is not ranked according to the number of votes you have, but it is random :’O so although we may be in it now, we may drop out anytime πŸ˜₯

the top 5 as of 10:20pm, 27 Jan

the top 5 as of 10:20pm, 27 Jan

Every time I refresh the NEmation website, I get a mini heart attack, trying to find my team among the top 5, and there was a long period of time when we were not inside and that feeling is terrible, 0/10 will not try again. πŸ˜₯ It is just a generally stressful feeling, but there is this pull that keeps making me come back to check on whether we are still inside.

Hence, I urge you to vote for us on all 4 platforms and ask your family and friends to vote as well!! We are C09!! You know, team 9, 9 as in the nine in 999, or like the square root of 81!!! Don’t forget this number okay it is very very important!!

vote on all 4 platforms!!

vote on all 4 platforms!!

Since you need to vote for 3 teams for your vote to go through, I would strongly recommend for you to vote for c02 and c05 along with us, c09!! Their videos are fantastic and totally deserve your vote, just like ours!!! (<—- totally not self praise)

With that I wish you a fantastic day/night ahead and remembER TO VOTE FOR US!!

C 0 9 ! ! : )

We will come back with another blog post soon so stay tuned!! πŸ™‚

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