Downtown Picnic!: Duck Duck Glucose

Hello hello! DDG finally has time to update the blog!

Due to this being the first week of the voting period, it has been really busy and we are taking some time out to post about what happened on Sunday 🙂


Who knew we had a fifth member!!!

In order to prepare for the downtown picnic, we painted a giant duck and made a sign that states our team name and hashtag which you would have seen it in our previous blog post~ We set up our booths and were ready to welcome everybody to support us!



We actually folded cute origami ducks to be displayed at our booth!

It was a really great experience to be able to get votes from the public who felt that our clip was interesting and also to see our supporters from our school and even our seniors who had graduated but still came down to vote for us!




Thank you to our vice-principals who came down to support us too! 🙂

We even had the chance to be interviewed by radio DJs as well as guests Xubin and Gavin Teo! What an honour!! We were actually pretty nervous but we are glad we did not mess up (at least I don’t think we did..)


You can’t tell but I was shaking really hard!!!

Overall we really enjoyed all the clips and performances (cough) and it was really nice to watch all the previous seasons’ clips being played (and recognising 80% of them) and to see ours on the big screen as well!! We learnt the art of describing our storyline in one sentence and asking people to vote for us!! We hope to master this art and earn a black belt soon or something.

I will be going to a Golden Village cinema soon… Hopefully I will get to see our clips there too hehe~

Have you voted for us though? We are C04, “The Singapore Vision” by Duck Duck Glucose, and if you have no EYE-dea what our clip is about, go watch it! Here’s the link:

Now that our clip is out I can finally make all the eye puns I have been saving up!!! Feel my excitement!!! Also I am excited to receive your votes as well! The 4 platforms of voting are below! And if you are reading this, you will be on the N.E.mation website so it doesn’t take too long to just go to the main page and vote right?? Right?? Thank you by the way we appreciate your votes and your love!


Wow 4 platforms? we are C4! I don’t think this is just a coincidence 😉


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