DV: “Duck Vaders”.


It’s day I-lost-track-already-woops and voting is going strong!

Besides that though, we don’t actually have anything to write about. Er. Lol.

So, today shall be a throwback post! (Not much to throwback to cos we ran out of stuff but it’s called squeezing out what you can get.)

Also, how fitting for today to have a throwback because it’s THROWBACK THURSDAY! AW HECK YEAH! (I appall myself too, sometimes)

So, let’s throw all the way back to Top 450. Ie. before the beginning of the beginning when there were over 450 teams. Ie. the beginning of the competition.

Time to answer the question that has been on all of your minds:

Can I have a cookie?

No. Moving on.


Well, the story isn’t as long as some people like to think, actually. No, we aren’t HUGE fans of Star Wars (Christabelle has actually never watched a Star Wars movie in her existence so.). No, we don’t LOVE ducks and have shrines of ducks (that’s just weird, honestly). No, we don’t LOVE Darth Vader.

Kerrianne just came up with it in 5 minutes, come to think of it. So, yeah, that’s pretty much the whole story. Heh.

If you do want to over-analyze it though (wh oh you know I do), then it’s actually because we wanted a name that stood out! And a pun is always the best way to go. And who doesn’t know who Darth Vader is?

Looking back, the name is actually quite fitting. It’s not something over girly/flowery/pretty-little-pink-dolls like “Blue Pastel”. Not that that’s not a good name, it is! It’s just not…us. And it reflects pretty well on us because it makes us unique (?) in a sense? Our video is quite unique in itself, considering it’s the only video that features THE ACTUAL TEAM MEMBERS, and we are one of the two teams utilizing stop motion!



So, fast forward 4 months, and here we are. Duck Vaders with their video titled “In The Forces We Trust”. (Don’t ask. Our instructors are puny people.)

So, we hope you like this story-not-really-a-story we shared with you today. Stay tuned for the next one and we’ll see you then!

Speaking of, vote for us. Seriously. What’s taking you so long?

Juz kidding.


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– Duck Vaders

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