h(EYE): Duck Duck Glucose

/aggressively refreshes nemation.sg 50000 times in a row/

That has pretty much been our lives for the past 2 weeks! Oh no…. (You can really tell that I have no eye-dea what to name our blog post or how to start one I’m sorry…)

Let me bring you guys way back in September 2015 when we were selected as the Top 100 for our story about the eye! We were really desperate tried our very best at every pitching, from presenting our story in the form of a rap (we actually ended the rap with “this rap couldn’t get any cornea”) to even drawing out a big eye to you know, illustrate our seed eye-dea?

It made us to happy to advance into the Top 40, and then to Top 20!


Yes, I kept it


Our stop motion character, the duck (of course) and other props!

We had a digital animation workshop as well as a stop-motion workshop with we found really interesting and made us even more motivated to get into the Top 10! In the process of storyboarding and preparing for our super pitch, we really fell in love with our story and we really wanted to make it come true ;;;;


Our storyboard draft which I drew in one day!

Aaaaaaaand….. WE DID!!!

Fun fact: Duck Duck Glucose was the first team to be announced as one of the Top 10 teams and we had no idea how to react so we just stood in shock until they told us to return to our seats. My heart was threatening to jump out of my chest and I was so happy I couldn’t even speak!!! After 3 years of trying we actually made it (hehe) into the Top 10?? After we settled in our seats, we were still nervous as we wanted the other Cedar teams to be in the Top 10 as well I think I felt too many emotions that day.

It is the first time Cedar has 3 teams in the Top 10 for N.E.mation and I am really proud as the Infocomm president to say this :’) I’m proud of all of us and I hope you guys like our work too!


Animation pt. 1


Animation pt. 2

So this is actually our animation… That I did on our post-its while taking an eye break from the computer. Our animation is 100% digital, done using Adobe Flash, although we occasionally carried out human simulations to understand exactly how our characters should move about.

Those three weeks were really fun and watching our animation come together bit by bit was extremely fulfilling! I don’t have many pictures in my new phone but you can check out our Instagram/Twitter/our previous blog posts for pictures of us during the three weeks of production~

We are really thankful to be part of this competition and that we were able to turn our little seed eye-dea into reality! I still can’t believe we have come this far, but in order to go further, we need your help c:

Don’t forget to vote for us (and the other Cedar teams of course) if you have not! We are Duck Duck Glucose, C4, and our clip is called “The Singapore Vision”.


Remember to check us out on our social media platforms:

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