DV: We fell off a cliff and died. Or not.


So, firstly, just to clear things up.

No, I didn’t fall off the Eiffel Tower and sprain my ankle, nor did I fall off the face of the Earth and went to Mars for a vacation.

Now that that’s out of the way.

I’m really sorry! My dearest apologies for not uploading for over a week 🙈 Idioté, I know (pardon my heinous French). Life has been a whirlwind, for all of us!

^I know. I always say that. Well, in my defense, our lives are forever a whirlwind.

So, big question of the day: WHERE DID YOU GO, OL’ MIGHTY ONE?

Well, ol’ mighty one was really sick. She fell into the hands of a hideous bout of sinusitis, and was quarantined for 9 days!

For the slow ones out there, ol’ mighty is one is yours truly.

For the even slower ones out there, that’s me. You’re welcome.

In all seriousness though, I fell really sick! I was on bed rest for a week, and I didn’t do anything but sleep and eat! I tried 5 diffferent types of antibiotics to get better, and well, we can only be grateful one finally pulled through and helped me recover, because I’m pretty sure they were running out of antibiotics to give me.

On top of that, as if matters couldn’t get worse, the rest of DV was at camp! How convenient, we know.

During those dark, cold 3 days, DV suffered huge losses! We fell so far down into this dark abyss, we were last!

Over Chinese New Year, we scrambled to get votes. It went a little something like this:

Aunty/Ah Kong: “Ah Girl, Happy New Year! Come, I give you angpao!”

DV: “Oh thank you! So right, my team is participating in an NEMation…
*proceeds to whip out iPad and ask (force) them to vote*

Speaking of CNY,


Oh and by the way, how was ur Chinese New Year?

Back to the point.

Vote for Duck Vaders!


1. WEBSITE ON COMPUTER : http://www.nemation.sg

2. WEBSITE ON MOBILE : http://www.nemation.sg

3. FACEBOOK (only works on computer):
a) Go to N.E.mation! Facebook page
b) Click on “More”
c) Click on “NEmation! 10 Top 10 Voting”
d) VOTE!! 😀

4. SMS (no additional charges :D):
Send an SMS in the following format to 76677
NE10<space>WEB<space>C2, C5, C9<space>NRIC<space>Full Name





Well, that’s it for today! Bye

Instagram: @duckvaders
Twitter: @duckvaders_
Facebook: Duck Vaders
Snapchat: @duckvaders

-Duck Vaders

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