Bad Jokes (that’s what we are): Duck Duck Glucose


EYE EYE captain!!!


who lives in a pineapple under the sea

I’m sorry I started the blog post this way I wanted to be creative ;;;

Hello everybody, I am Funny, 5th member of Duck Duck Glucose. I am here to bring you bad jokes based on our video because that’s my area of expertise!

  • When you cross the road, don’t forget to LOOK OUT, left, right and centre!
  • When you are in class, don’t let your focus waver!
  • What do you do when you wake up? Open your eyes!
  • When the screen of your phone is too small, what should you do? Take a closer look at our video!

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I sincerely apologise for all the cringes you have gotten from this blog post we will kick Funny out of the group now.


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