So the voting period is coming to a close in a few days and this will probably be our very very last blog post so we’re going to take this opportunity to look back at our journey as a whole to see how far we’ve come since the September one week selection and while we’re at it, we’re going to thank the people who made our journey here so fun and enjoyable. Unfortunately there will be no pictures because honestly, I am very lazy and i do not have any pictures in my laptop at the moment so plain words will have to do. Hope you stay with me till the end!

Of course, our journey, like any other team, started when we made our very first seed idea in the comfort of our computer lab floor under the table. People found it weird but really, when have we ever been normal. This tiny seed idea would not have grown into what it became to get us into the top 100 if not for the guidance of Mr Xavier who happened to be our instructor for the workshop that day. The fact that he had faith in our story gave us hope and encouragement to continue to build on our idea no matter how silly we may have thought it was. Therefore, since it’s convenient, we’d like to thank Mr Xavier for being there with us from the start, literally, and helping us carve our path to the top 100 and eventually the top 40 and top 20 and so on.

In between the top 40 and top 10, we have to thank Mr James, Mr Ellery and Mr Joshua for their constant encouragement and support as well as their helpful advice that have helped us develop our story even further. Not only that, they were a constant pillar of support during the three weeks production because they were always there checking on us and making sure we were okay so thank you to them!

How could we forget our beloved Ms Elaine who spent the three weeks of production putting up with our nonsense while teaching us along the way. We know we put her through quite a lot (especially Lynette who she had to force to say “Bye Ms Elaine” ) but we are so grateful for her always. She always had confidence that we could do it and helped us through tough times. In a way, we saw her as a teacher, a friend and an older sister to mess with. Thank you Ms Elaine!!!

To our teachers, Ms Begam and Mr Lee, thank you for being there for us. You weren’t always physically there but we knew you were there in spirit cheering us on. Thank you for the cakes and cupcakes and all the other types of food you have provided us during the competition, we know you have spent quite a lot on us 12 girls.

Also, to Kaviel! Our beloved ambassador who we like to bully. Know that we do appreciate everything that you do for us even if you do dye your hair horrible colours (no more blue please). You’ve been a great friend to us, always being there for us and laughing with us and calling us cute (thanks). Thank you Kaviel, for always thinking of us!

Last and least, I’d like to thank my teammates for always being there for me from the start, although Lynette may not have been in our team since the start, she’s always been supportive. Through all the horrible rapping, rhymes and puns to just annoying each other to no end, I couldn’t see myself being in any other team with anyone else other than you three. I do feel, however that you guys should be thanking me instead for putting up with everything that you do (goose sound included) but nonetheless thank you for everything!

NEmation has been an amazing experience for all of us. We’ve made great new friends who we hope we can get closer to and we have bonded even more with our beloved juniors. It may be over soon but the memories we made with each other and with the other teams and instructors will stay in our minds and hearts for a long time to come. NEmation has taught us patience (whenever our computers crash), team work (helping each other in times of struggle aka when the walcom tablets aren’t cooperating), resilience (because it is COLD), perseverance (because there were many times when we got frustrated and just wanted to give up), friendship (all the sharing among the teams is something i will never forget, especially the doses of yellow from our fellow ducks: Duck Vaders).

It has been a rollercoaster ride with its ups and downs but overall, we couldn’t have imagined a better experience.

Thank you NEmation

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