DV: It ain’t the end of the world…yet.


So, how are you this fine day? We’re doing great, thanks.

It’s 4 days to the end of voting, and things have been pretty hectic on our side! We have been collecting votes every which way we can! Over recess, over lunch, between classes, after school, while eating, whatever you think of, we’ve done it!

It’s honestly hard work, I tell ya.

Anyone who thinks this is easy, think again.

NEWS FLASH: The Top 5 Counter will be taken down tonight! In T minus 2 hours to be exact. Starting from tomorrow, we’ll have no idea who’s in the Top 5! You can imagine how stressed out some of us are about this.

OHOHOH. And the Social Media Award will be closed tonight too! All our hard work to gain followers will be set in stone starting 12am tonight.

Breathe, Chris, breathe.

Everything’s just happening so fast! *wipes tear away from eye* Can you believe that this is our 31st blog post? Ahh. The good times. I remember staying up late to upload a blog post every night after production, even though I felt like killing myself sounded like an easier option.

No, I’m not suicidal. Just to clear that up. A little (very) exhausted, is all.

But, it’s all worth it if we win! (Or get second. Or third. BUT FIRST IS ALWAYS THE BEST. KEEP YOU EYE ON THE PRIZD. EYE. ON. THE. PRIZE) So, of course, I know what you are thinking: is there any way I can contribute to help you guys for this worthy cause?

Of course there is! Vote.

On all 4 platforms. Facebook, Mobile Website, Desktop Website, and SMS.



(casually putting this picture into every post)

I know it sounds tedious, but think of the iPad you stand a chance to win. I mean, even we don’t get that iPad if we win.

Well, keeping this post short, I’ll end off here. Remember to vote for us and we’ll smell y’all in the next one!

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Twitter: @duckvaders_
Facebook: Duck Vaders
Snapchat: @duckvaders

-Duck Vaders

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