hi there, this blogpost, sadly, will probably be the last one we post D: (hey who knows we might post another one soon)

it has been a long eight month journey for all of us, and it’s coming to an end.

to be honest, we weren’t even expecting to get into top 100 lmao. we just sat through the story clinic with mr xavier (who we are really grateful to because he was the one that helped improve the idea that got us in!!) and randomly put in some ideas and keyed in our names. i even unintentionally dragged shyn into it, thinking that we wouldn’t get in. but we did, and im glad we did c:

We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that has supported and guided us along the way; I mean everyone :

(the following is in no particular order – its purely random)

Ms Yan Ting:

Thank you for everything you have done for our team, Ms Yan Ting. You really made our 3 week production fun. You were really patient, and still are, when we were annoying and we have kinda lazing around. When we were screwed things up, and wanted to give up, you always motivated us and reminded us never to give up. Of course we didn’t give up duh but you truly made our day when we spent like most of our time painting together. Sounds wrong but, yea. Hahahaha. Thank you for staying by our sides even when we were too high after smelling too much paint. ❤

Ms Shi Ling:

Thank you so much for everything Ms Shi Ling! urgh, I’m probably gonna say the same thing but I’ll try to make it different *I think i’m gonna fail literature*. I really miss the times when we erm had paint wars but we did work really hard. *I swear we did* Thank you so much for being our hero (BAMM reference) and helped out with the Merlion. Without your help, our Merlion would probably look like a cat wearing goggles. You never gave up on our team, even when we were sick of painting and started doing lame stuff – rolling around, singing christmas songs, staring into space, reading chinese stories (kayla does it all the time), or even just playing with the time lapse 🙂 Thank you!!!!<3



Ms Shiling, Ms Yanting and Cedar3 in our huge CCU


Thank you all instructors that dropped by our tent and either help us one way or another. Mr Xavier for goofing around in our tent and hanging the monkey up (….) *realizes that it is the year of the monkey* *woww, foreshadowing. Much wow*. Ms Elaine for supposedly helping us with the gesso and how that watching us paint were very “therapeutic”. Ms Bev for touching up the HDB flat and Mr Ellery with advice on the painting. And, Mr Nik for hiding in our tent. Plus, all the other instructors that has supported us throughout the whole NEmation period.


First of all congrats and good jobs to all teams!! We’ve made it this far together and let’s give 3 cheers for ourselves :)) You made our NEmation journey so fun and enjoyable!! Thank you Spatium for allowing us to crash your tent. Madeit and Duck Duck Glucose for your guidance as awesome seniors. Netitanxii to playing Cards Against Humanity together. Rockin Tomato and all the other groups for hanging out with us!! I hope that the wonderful friendship that we have made would last forever (i’m sure it will)!



School staff and friends:

Thank you so much for your continued support throughout this period. Despite your busy schedules, you managed to take the time of to visit us during the production period/downtown picnic/awards ceremony. Special thanks to our principals and vice principals – Ms Cheng, Ms Tan and Ms Sim for taking the time to attend our Awards ceremony. Thank you Ms Begam and Mr Lee (CCA teachers) for your constant support and guidance throughout the 6 month long competition. Thank you Chu, Charlene, and Xuan for coming down to both the downtown picnic and award ceremony. We really appreciate your support (i bet you came for food too, hehehe)

Cedar teams with Ms Begam, Ms Tan and Ms Sim

People who voted for us:

Thank you so much for all of your votes. Each and every one of your votes mean everything to us, so thank you so much!!! Even though I don’t know you personally, perhaps some, I’ll treasure your kind efforts made when voting for us!!  
I’m just gonna end of with the first picture that we posted, since it may bring back subtle memories.


We looked so bad

Much love,

Cedar3 ❤

*wow, even the heart has a 3*


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