Epilogue [SPATIUM]

hello !! 😀

I know that I should save this for later but I really really want to thank all of you so much!! WE GOT SECOND RUNNER-UP !! thank you so much!! we really could not have done it without you guys! ❤

Okay, I know, this news is so one week ago 😛 but heyy my CA1 just ended so (please give chance hehe)

I honestly still cannot believe that our 6(or 7) month journey has come to an end. I mean, we are N.E.mation alumni now, how weird is that?

We have come so far like I can still remember panicking before receiving the top 40 results, crying tears of joy (for the first time ever) when we got into top 10, the stress during production period and having to be more ‘thick-skinned’ when asking for votes ! (okay I’m getting super sentimental and I want to cry)

For now, there are a lot of people whom we would like to thank (❁´▽`❁):
(in no particular order hehe)

Mr Nik and Ms Kaching:

Thank you for always helping and guiding us, especially during production!! we really couldn’t have done this without you guys (I mean we probably wouldn’t even have a video honestly)(❁´▽`❁) We are probably not the most cooperative group and constantly annoy you guys and complain too much sometimes but we are glad you didn’t give up on us (I would have, honestly)
Thank you Mr Nik for helping us even during the voting period by pushing us to try and get more votes (although it was super stressful okay I was so close to crying already and we sort of blue ticked your last message sorryyyy) and during production although you constantly ditch us for food but that’s okay (it wasn’t okay at that time) ≧(´▽`)≦
Thank you Ms Kaching for letting us (mainly deng) continuously disturb you and tolerating the weird things that we (mainly deng again) do. we are still very sad that you moved out of our tent like halfway through the first week 😦 Thank you for helping us when we had problems with Toonboom and teaching us how to use it!! (❁´▽`❁)
Thank you for everything hehe :))

Mr Tham, Mr Chan and Mr K (and Mrs Tan and all our VPs and teachers who supported us):

Thank you for always encouraging us and supporting us throughout this 6/7 month journey!! Even from the one week selection, you guys came to support us and give us advice, even allowing us to practice our pitch with you (which was honestly a huge mess but oh well) Thank you for cheering us on even when we are feeling really helpless!! Not to forget that at least one of you will visit us during production and buy as food as well as listen to us complain as we crumble into despair due to drawing and redrawing hehe
We would also like to thank the school for providing us with this valuable opportunity and for allowing us to request for everyone to vote for us during assembly and even have a voting booth during the primary recess! (❁´▽`❁)

to everyone from all the top 10 teams:

Thank you for being part of this journey with us!! You guys are all very very very fun to be around and we will miss you guys!! GOOD JOB TO EVERYONE! You guys all did well and we are really proud of you all!! ❤
(special mentions I love you all but I am very lazy to type sorry 😦 )
Thank you BAMM and Vaders for being so supportive and encouraging!! We didn’t really know each other like before this but I’m glad we are friends now!! thanks for being such fun people to be around and making everything fun, be it trying to get votes from primary section or being super scared when going on stage to ask everyone to vote hehehehe (❁´▽`❁)
Thank you Cedar3 for letting us crash your tent and disturb you guys and steal your food 😛 thanks for being the first to actually talk to us because we suck and don’t know how to make friends honestly ❤
Also thank you to all the teams whom we have stolen stuffed toys from hahhahaha 🙂
(i may add more to this another day hahahahah)

our friends and family:

Thank you so much for always cheering us on and believing in us !! ❤ Thank you for coming to the events such as downtown picnic or awards presentation when you guys were able to!!
Thank you to all our family members who are really considerate and understanding to us!! Thank you for doing your absolute best to try and help us get votes!! (honestly, my dad probably got more votes for me than I did hahah) We could not have done any of this without you !! ❤
Special dedication to Ely who helped us a lot along the way from visiting us during production and bringing us sushi, coming for the open house, downtown picnic and awards presentation even though you are really busy too!! Thank you for working hard to get votes for us even though you technically don’t get any credit ❤ you are the best okay !! (❁´▽`❁) You are the best almost-member of the team ❤ ❤

our ambassador Sarah:

thank you for always supporting us along the way and being accepting of our weirdness!! ❤ the blog posts you write about us are always super entertaining to read honestly hahahahahha :):) thank you for visiting us throughout the production period !! 😀 and for promoting us and getting people to vote for us heheheheh (❁´▽`❁)

to all of you who voted for us:

we are really really grateful that you gave us your vote ❤ Every vote you gave means the world to us (it still does) and we are super grateful that you took the time to vote heheheh 🙂 A lot of you we probably don’t actually know personally but whoever you are, you are a great person and we are really thankful for your existence! ❤


This is probably the last blog post that we will ever post here 😦 If you are still reading this, I am really grateful that you stuck with my boring boring writing for 30 over blog posts!! I really liked talking to you guys (whoever you are) ❤ Thank you for all your support!! (❁´▽`❁)

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