NEtitanxII: Thank You But It Is Not the End Yet…

Hello, everyone! We are back after so long – yea, so sorry that we have not been updating the blog because we have been busy catching up on our school work, CA1 tests and CCA activities. So yea, this will be the last time we will be blogging until we fly to the USA!!! So meanwhile we just want to express our heartfelt gratitude – in simple English, to say MANY BIG THANKS from the depths of our hearts to those who have supported us and those who have helped us throughout this simply amazing 8 months’ journey.

First and foremost, we the members of NEtitanxII would like to really, really thank our fantastic Teacher-in-charge Mr. Alexander Choy for being with us throughout these past two years – yea, man! He is truly the man for being keeping the faith, for patiently believing in us that we can achieve – that is how we got our motto, “Believe to Achieve, Achieve to Believe.” He is our source of motivation especially since he has been involved in this awesome animation competition since Season 3, man! O man! That is like wow, 7 to 8 years of waiting  to produce a CHAMPION in this national competition. We are really so glad that Mr. Choy is our Teacher IC as without him, it could have been a disaster hor…. ha ha, Mr Choy, we love you for the way you keep us together as a team, for allowing us to throw ideas at you the way we had done… after you allowed us to form the original NEtitanx team the way we formed in the year 2014…


Next, we really want to thank the wonderful people of NEXUS and the magnificent trio of Mr Wei Siong, Mr Ellery and Mr Joshua from AnImagine for organizing this competition without which we would not have gotten so much fun, sweat and tears from the opportunities that NEmation! gave us during the past two Seasons to work together with our teacher to come up with concept seed ideas to promote the message of Total Defence in a very fun way to the people of Singapore. Indeed we would now encourage our juniors to work even harder for the next 10 seasons of NEmation!



Not forgetting to say a super BIG Thank You to our instructors of the past two Seasons – Mr Xavier the 10th edition Batman and Mr Lander the 9th edition Kung Fu Panda teacher for shedding many blood, sweat and tears in pushing us to work harder, for scolding us,  and for giving feedback to our teacher throughout our NEmation journey from NEtitanx to NEtitanxII. Batman Xavier, thank you so much for helping us to improve our story and also for enriching our experience in NEmation while tolerating our noisy laughter and cheeky behavior inside the Bat Cave at the end of the NEmation production studios. Likewise terima kasih and many xie xie to Lander for seeing us through the tears of Top 20+2 of Season 9 by encouraging us not to give up, to continue staying together as a team.  We also want to thank Miss Elaine and Miss Lois for hovering around us to help us and to give us advice.



From the Downtown Picnic and the eve of Chinese New Year, we cannot survive without the help of our student supporters, teachers and Beatty Beaver Scouts as well as the leaders of our school such as VP Mrs Adel Tay for coming down to cheer us on during the Downtown Picnic. Right from the beginning, we want to say thank you so much once again Ryan Goh and Lee Yan Da of Beaver Scouts for constructing the structure to display all the blue and yellow balloons as well as many other student supporters for helping to get the public to vote. You guys and girls had helped to get into the Top 5 for the five 5 hours. It was amazingly memorable because you have enabled us to set the pace to be among the Top 5 of the Leaderboard. Ah yes, we also want to thank our Principal Mrs Marion Tan for giving us permission to tell the whole school to vote us by the SMS during the school’s Chinese New Year Celebrations on a Friday. You have helped us a lot just by that one act and so thanks a lot to all Beatty students and teachers especially Humanities teachers under the guidance of Ms Sarah Paul, Mr Terance Lim, Ms Goh Hong Yi and also other teachers for helping to vote for us and also for going all out during Chinese New Year to get votes from your family members, friends, relatives and strangers. Indeed it is because of you guys that is why we jumped back into the fold of being Top 5. Similarly we also want to thank VP Mr Sze Guan Kiat for being there with us during the Awards Ceremony.



Last but not least, we want to say thank you to everyone else from the rest of the Top 10 Teams of Season 10. You guys and girls had been awesome and thank you so much for being part of this journey with us NEtitanxII.  We are the one team sandwiched between the Ducks….firstly Duck Duck Glucose (DDG) from Cedar Girls next to us and the one team that our teacher like to hang out with hahaha … – yea, thanks for hanging out with us and for that we say muchas gracias. We are so happy that you girls managed to win something memorable too – the Social Media Prize and most importantly we are friends now never to be forgotten. The other Duck team was Duck Vaders from St Nicholas’ whom we remember for being so ensconced inside their closed up studio in order to create a catchy rap and for their custom-made jackets. It would have been nice to get to know you better

Anyway, DDG, we love you girls very much and we thank you for being part of our lives now. You should know also that you girls have quite a few Beatty teachers cheering for you all too…hahaha….yea, seriously. Oh yea, Cedar 3 – it was nice playing Cards Against Humanity with you girls. We also want to thank our NE Ambassador Kaviel for supporting us along the way in the way you always do. Thank you for visiting us during the production period and for promoting us and getting people to vote for us. THANK YOU ONE AND ALL!!!


Before we wrap up this blog write up of appreciation and thanksgiving, we want to thank our family members for always being there for us, for supporting us throughout the past two years. Muchas gracias for being considerate, helpful and understanding towards NEtitanxII especially Hui Min’s Parents who so gladly consented to us crowding into her humble flat to use it as a brainstorming centre to refine our seed ideas, as an operations centre to get votes from all over. We could not have done it without you all!!


Finally thank you for reading and now we are really looking forward to going to the USA in the summer of 2016… Till then, stay tuned to Team NEtitanxII and keep in touch always!



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