N.E.Mation!11 – Geekstrux

Hi there! We are team Geekstrux from Crescent Girls’ School and we are a group of 4 Sec 2 students. Today we attended a Social Media Workshop held at Nanyang Polytechnic.

The team name is derived from “geeks” and “truck”, but with a “x” instead of a “ck”. We all wear glasses which represents us as geeks, and and we are in a truck on the road to success. The team consists of Maelynn (Team Leader), Wan Ting, Chloe and Harinika. All of us have a common interest which is music and animation. Therefore, we decided to link our idea for the clip to our common interests.

We would greatly appreciate your support and help through our journey in this competition. Please follow and give our social media platforms shout outs as it would greatly help us during the voting season. Thank you!

Facebook: @geekstrux

Twitter: @geekstrux

Instagram: @geekstrux

Snapchat: @geekstrux

N.E.mation! 11 - Geekstrux

N.E.mation! 11 – Geekstrux

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