Animation studio tour! – passionfruit


Wow, after a long day at One Animation studio, we finally find the time to sit down properly and type this out. The day was pretty short, I feel, and filled with so many interesting tidbits!

We also manage to socialize (*gasp*) with some of the other teams, and got to make friends. And when we went around the animation workplace, it looked berry awesome hahah

Sorry, can’t help with that fruit pun. But it really was amazing, the way every little detail was made and paid attention too. This really helped us to take note of what to do during our own animating process later on in the months to come:)

We hope there would be more opportunities like these to explore our animation process in the future, but for now, we will bid you all a farewell! Please remember to follow our Instagram and twitter join us in this journey of NEmation! 

See you all soon! Orange you glad I didn’t end this with a pun?;) 



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