Hello we are c-e-d-a-r cedar3!

Yes, it’s us again, the team with the weird team name from NE10, and yes, we’re back with the same name. We’ve grown a little too attached to cedar3 so it stuck around this season as well.

N.E.mation! 11 - Team cedar3

This is us!!! (courtesy of Mr Andrew 🙂 )

A few things have changed since we last blogged here!

  1. We have a new team member joining us this season!! Her name is Kaila 🙂
  2. We’re back with a new team name (the c is no longer capital…) and a brand new story which we’re excited to share with you!
  3. Also, our hashtag has changed ( #ne11c02 ) there goes our ‘3’ streak…

Here’s also a short introduction of us for those that don’t know us!


hi im tanya (the lao er !!) and once again, ive become the sacrificial lamb of group aka the team leader… but im excited to be back for NE11!! im 14 and from infocomm (it’s not lame ok thanks) like any typical girl, i like watching korean and chinese (they’re good okay) dramas (esp. those with yang yang inside) and i love to eat and sleep ok bye


hello im kayla, the lao si, but im known to be the auntie of the group hahah because of my “excessive” chinese novel reading and nagging (for their own good heh). i love watching chinese dramas like tanya so i will try to infect everyone hehe. returning back for my second season of NEmation, i am excited to be back and more determined to put in my best effort to produce better results 🙂


hi i am kaila (lao san!) the new member!! i am super blur and like to stare into blank space haha. i love my dog, princess, and i love kim taehyung with a passion HAHA im also the really quiet member of the group but im actually quite bubbly when around friends heh. i watch a lot of kdramas and i am excited for the journey to come!!! 🙂


hi im gl ( lao da!!) and im the only one here who doesnt watch dramas unlike everyone else… im often called the most serious of the group but im actually a really chill person who jokes about myself being bald HAHA i love myself………….. and cedar3 of course (hm really??) but im happy to be back again to make new friends and memories!


This wraps up our first blog post, the first of many to come! Watch this space for future updates!

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<3, cedar3 (even the heart has a 3)

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