DinoSoar’s first BLOG!!!

Hi we’re team DinoSoar. This team consists of Putri Azra (team leader), Nur Farihah, Jihan Fahira and Mohd Iqmal (members).

N.E.mation! 11 - DinoSoar

N.E.mation! 11 – DinoSoar


Hiii!, I’m Putri, team leader of DinoSoar. I love to read books, webtoons, wattpad. I’m an art girl and I love making videos. I also love traveling and exploring different places around the world.Please give us your fullest support and checkout our various social media platforms 🙂


Eh hello!  I’m Farihah. My most favourite subject is Science 🙂 Its weird because i want to become an interior designer. My hobbies are reading and drawing. I love decorating interior . I also love to make my notes visually appealing with colourful notes and different designs. Its really an awesome opportunity to be able to experience this competition. I really hope you can support us and vote for us. My team , DinoSoar will really appreciate your votes and support ❤


Hello, Jihan here! I like bands, like Little Mix, 5 Seconds Of Summer, All Time Low and many others. I want to be a photographer when I grow up. My favourite subject is History. I am definately a visual learner. I learnt a lot through this competition and it is definately an enjoyable experience.


Hey peps, Iqmal here. I am studying in Kent Ridge sec and i am a huge Fifth Harmony fan. I love art especially sketching and colouring. I also love animals and when i grow up, i wannna be a interior designer or any jobs that are related to animals. I really enjoy this competition as it bonds me closer with my teammates and other new friends. Hopefully, all of you out there will vote for my group, DinoSoar, as i will appreciate it very march. Iqmal, signing out.

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