Hey Yall!!!

Helloooooo world of doughnuts/donuts!


We are a group of students from Cedar Girls’ Secondary School who are taking part in N.E.mation!11. Below is an animated picture of our real selves: Wai Sheen, Michelle, Raksha and Ilyzah (from left to right)!!!


N.E.mation! 11 - Doughnuts & Donuts

N.E.mation! 11 – Doughnuts & Donuts

1 fact about each of us doughnuts:

-Wai Sheen is the most relaxed donut

– Michelle loves random trivia regarding cartoons, tv shows, mysteries and gaming

– Raksha is our tallest doughnut (1.78m) and secretly enjoys painting/drawing

– Ilyzah is our newest donut

Guess what? Our team name originated from a promise made by a wonderful donut called Michelle. Raksha was really REALLY hungry that she wanted doughnuts while registering for this awesomely amazingly extravagantly fabulous competition. So, our dear donut leader Michelle promised us doughnuts if we got into the top 100. And here we are!! (we even got through to top 10) 😉

Fun fact: When we were coming up with the name, we couldn’t decide which spelling of doughnut/donut was correct, so we used both!

So why did we join this competition? Well it was actually because of our CCA, infocomm club, where it was kind of compulsory to take part. But after we got into the top 100 and went through the one week selection process, we had lots of fun and was determined to do our best!!

Also, pun of the day! -> Why did the baker stop baking doughnuts? Because he was fed up with the hole business!! (we’re so sorry)

Anyway, stay tuned for updates on our N.E.mation!11 journey, where we will be posting our experiences on our various social media platforms, especially during the production week!!! Do encourage your family members, friends, colleagues and whoever else you know to follow us on our journey too!

Instagram: @doughnutsndonuts

Facebook and Twitter: (we will update you soon!)




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