Studio Tour @ One Animation ٩(◕ั ∀◕ั๑٩)

⌒°(ᴖ◡ᴖ)°⌒ Hello this is N.E. HEH HEH!! We went to One Animation Pte Ltd for a studio tour on 27 October! ୧(☉□☉)୨

The staff walked us through the animation pipeline. Thank you for the hosting us!!(*´▽`*)


Look at the reflection.

We witnessed the making of Oddbods! Most of the animation is done in Jakarta, while storyboarding and special effects are done in Singapore. What’s interesting is that they have a multicultural team, with 33 nationalities represented! Wow! (`〇Д〇)

Karen looks at stuff.

Karen looks at stuff.

Some of the animators, like us, are Steven Universe, Pokémon and Studio Ghibli fans!

the photo is blur because copyright. Not because we are bad photographers.

the photo is blur because copyright. Not because we are bad photographers.

We also had an enlightening Q&A session with One Animation’s founder and viewed trailers for their IPs, such as the famous Oddbods, Rob the Robot and Insectibles.

Reflection Time™

It is interesting that the founder dabbled into ballet and theater before settling into animation. Although they are extremely different art forms, the story is always the heart of these mediums. As he said, writing without a good story is like building a castle on sand.

We were significantly more motivated and looking forward into our Production after the visit! It’s great to know that anyone with a great idea can change the world, just like how The Little Mermaid and 3D Animation redefined the industry. (*/∇\*)

Social Media Time™

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