Hi everyone! This is our first blog post, so sorry if we are a little dry now oops. We are team PASSIONFRUIT from Evergreen Secondary, for starters. The team name is a little special, only because we are passionate in nature (maybe that’s why we’re in ever green ;))

The person currently typing this is Mabel, the team leader. Behind me are my three other fruits (don’t ask me why); Pamela, Maybelle and Yolanda. They will basically provide some fruits for thought for me, while I’ll just type and type and type-


N.E.mation! 11 - Passionfruit

N.E.mation! 11 – Passionfruit

Anyways, just a fun fact, none of us actually have passionfruit as our favourite fruit, so now we’re still wondering why we have this name in the first place. Nevertheless, we’re here now, trying to get through this competition.

Speaking of getting through this competition, we reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaalllllyyyyyyy need your help to gather support! Just by using a few seconds of your time, you can like our facebook page (ps, our page is all the way at the bottom, so you’ll have to scroll a little to find it) and follow our instagram and twitter!

Thanks for reading our lengthy first post and please support us!!!!!!:*

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