MADEit: MAKINGit (Part 1)

Heyyo!! As promised, we’re back to give some insight on our journey getting to Top 10 this year!



Let’s start off with our name, MADEit. We felt ever so determined to make it and this name encouraged us to press on and it shows our will to make it again. Though the initial inspiration actually came from a certain 5-member Korean boy band 😉



N.E.mation 11 was back and we were very excited to join again. We came up with some of our (seriously) seed ideas when we had our private story clinic in school, which Mr Joshua and Ms Ying Hui facilitated. Deciding that we needed further help, we signed up for the public story clinic 🙂



Photo Credits to NEmation!

Fast-forward to the day of the public story clinic (THE DAY POKÉMON GO WAS RELEASED), with the help of Mr Xavier, we were able to develop our seed idea further. Our story and message became clearer (to us too!) as we submitted our stories for the top 100 selection.

Stay tuned as we share more about the next stage — 1 Week Selection!



Psssssst 😉

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