hello everyone!!!

it’s been some time since we last blogged. we were cropped up with school and projects but we’re really glad it has all come to an end!!! THE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS ARE HERE YAYY. anddd what’s even better is that the production period is starting soon!!!

so, we decided to do a PPAP (not the PPAP you’re thinking about, see title for reference. sorry if i made the song play in your head again) to sum up the things we’ve done so far before our production in 3 main parts (yes, obviously it had to be 3 parts)

Part 1

so we went down to the ne11 production site recently and we got to view the final storyboarding of our animation and a rough overview of what it’s going to be like!! unfortunately, i cannot show you those storyboards because i would get killed for leaking them hehe. on a lighter note, the animation is really very unique and engaging in bringing out the theme of “together we keep singapore strong” anddd it has something to do with blood. *hint hint* be sure to stay tuned to our blog posts and social media posts to find out more about our animation!


Part 2

we went supply shopping yayyy!! the nyp lounge would be our new home for the next 3 weeks and we’re making sure that we have enough food supplies to last us throughout our animating journey. (hopefully, though i think we would have to buy more on the second day lol). we tried to become somewhat healthier and we didnt but any chips 😀 #acomplishmentoftheday and to make us feel slightly better, we bought raisins!!! wow, so healthy!

Part 3

we mentally prepared ourselves for the 3 weeks ahead of us… we are really excited for the 3 weeks because it’s not everyday that you’re given such a wonderful opportunity to create a meaningful animation on NE. although we may meet many challenges along the way, we will always stick together through thick and thin, helping each other out. most importantly, we’re looking forward to making new friends from the other top10 teams!

do watch this space for anymore upcoming updates on our animation process and perhaps we’ll post some sneak peeks of our animation here and there!

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<3, cedar3 (even the heart has a 3)

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