MADEit: MAKINGit (Part 2)

As we countdown to Production, we welcome you back to Part 2 of the MAKINGit series! 😀


Finally, it’s the 1-week selection phase!! We received the delightful news that our team was in Top 100 and were very very PUMPED UP!



Making our props for Top 100 Pitch!

After a trip to MAS on the first day, we started planning for our Top 100 pitch!



The letter that holds our advancement to Top 40 and we are blessed with this cartoon character that meant that we got through to the next round!



The next day, Top 40 pitch! We had a couple of hours to choose and improve on our story, and we eventually settled on our 3rd story idea (hmm… What were the other 2 about? 😎)



We worked on shortening our poem, making it short and sweet (well it was still a tad too lengthy at this point) as we prepared some props to allow a better understanding of our story and message.



Check out C02, C04 and us, C08!! [ Missing members 😦 ]

And you know what happens next… We got into Top 20!!



Psssssst 😉

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