Countdown to D-Day !

Hey guys! Team [Blank Space] visited our unbreachable jail a.k.a The Studio. They are really happy to have their own work space in the jail. Limited food for a week? Very very cold environment? Torture hours in hell is mostly a quarter of 24 hours? This sure is what we call HELL >.< Nonetheless, their team will never give up and will work hard towards success despite the tough situations. In the end, their efforts will be paid off with a great end product and also, RELEASE from jail. Hahaha.. Also do not forget to keep up with Team [Blank Space] at their various social media as stated below :

Instagram: @_blankk.spacee_


Youtube : Nur Shadilah (using Adilah’s current acc)

Twitter: @blankkspacee

Blogs :  and  our personal blog

Till’ we meet again!

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