the ship that sank wasn’t actually titanic?!?!?!?!?!?!!?! ((18/11/16))

so we went down to our production site and shared some conspiracy theories n it got us super SHOOK! apparently titanic didn’t sink and it was actually another ship, olympus, which disguised as titanic that sank! shookt!!!!

anyways we got to meet our instructors avril (???) and fiz and they’re super duper KOOL and DAnk!!!!!


^ mr fish


^princess ariel

we took a photo w them 2  we also tried to  composite the singapore skyline and all of us did a WONDERFUL job! except jolene bc she sucks! sike  ❤ we are looking forward to production w our coolio instructors bc we r definitely gonna enjoy our time and have so much fun w them around!! 😀

please continue to support us as we enter our production period! do like, share, comment, and also follow our instagram @im.possibro ! THANKU!!! 🙂


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jolene pearlyn megan renee do vote for us for nemation 11! #NE11C07
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