siri is actually the FBI recording everything u say???!?!?

hey guys!! today is day 4!! there are many things we’ve done today and many things that have happened but we cant say it now because then you guys would know what our video is all about and it wont be fun anymore 😦

but there was a photoshoot today which is going to be in our video and we voted for megan to be in the picture!! but megans pinafore was really wonky so we decided to swap pinafores and in the end all of us were wearing each other’s pinafores???

jolene swapped with megan and as megan was taking off her pinafore she wiped her SNOT on it and jolene was terrified. megan u are disgusting!!

and dinosoar gave us lots of food today!! THANKYOU DINOSOAR!!! 🙂 N.E HEH HEH also gave us a note!! IT was really sweet THANKYOU!!!

welp this is the end of today’s blogpost!! remember to follow us on our instagram @im.possibro do like, comment and share our posts too! thanku for ur support!


^ creds mr ariel for taking this photo of us!! and 2 the rightful owner for background!! also RENEE for this wonderful photoshop! cred models: pearlyn, jolene, screaming chicken, renee, megan (from left to right)

until next time!!


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jolene pearlyn megan renee do vote for us for nemation 11! #NE11C07
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