Pre-Production Visit & N.E.mation Shannanigans

Animation Practice

So on Wednesday, 16th November, we went to NYP for our pre-production briefing and to practice on 2D animation!!!!!!!!!!!!

Firstly we had to make a circle man on Adobe Illustrator. Donut Raksha ended up making a Mr Meeseeks, while Doughnut Michelle’s character looked like Donald Trump, as it’s hair ended up looking more like a toupe than actual hair.

Well it was fun and animation seemed to be easy. (but we were so wrong)(*dun dun dunnnnnnn*)


But here we are doing character design, building design  and other designs for the past four days and have done it again and again and again. Well at least now it looks better. (we hope)

We then realised animation may not be that easy. (it isn’t)

We have repeated the designing so many times already, who knows what else is installed for us. But ‘donut’ worry, be a doughnut and come with us as we go through the 3 weeks of production (or torture).

Life during the first week of Production

Over here at the production (aka our home for the next 3 weeks) we have settled down and decorated it pretty well we must say, with food. After all our benefactor is food. We do live on food you know, so we decorated our tent with food, no doughnuts yet, we will soon buy some and reunite with our favourite people. We have gone on with life


3 Weeks

It seems very long but in fact it is actually very short. We are energised and looking forward to the next two weeks of production and hope to be on time and accomplish all that we want to accomplish. Hope the next two weeks goes well.

Ending (so sad we know)

Anyway, stay tuned for more updates on our N.E.mation!11 journey, we will be posting more about our experiences. Do encourage your family members, friends, colleagues and whoever else you know to follow us on our journey too

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