Update on our NEmation journey! – passionfruit πŸ“

Hi everyone! Sorry for the absence during the first week of NEmation, there were ~ techical difficulties ~ (aka we were very clueless on how to use this) for our team and we left blog-less. But now we’re back and ready to annoy you with puns again!Our animation uses digital 2D animation, so that immediately requires us to draw and draw and draw . The past week had been us going to Nanyang Poly, entering our tent, switching on the laptop and just drawing.

It was hard as first, getting used to using geometric shapes to create characters and props, but it was fun! Even though we did feel very light headed after every session (or maybe that’s just me…), we learn a lot more about digital drawing itself.

Next week will be proper animation business, and I’m half terrified, half excited. Are we going to succeed fabulously? Or are we going to have our brain turn into slushy? Either way, it will be a very fruitful experience for us ahaha

Alright I’ll stop (no I won’t), but before I fly off in a trail of fruits, remember to follow us on instagram and twitter! We’re much more active there, I swear, and you’ll get more behind-the-scenes shenanigans, like the weird poses we do for photos and food we get 

😝 (look at the Passionfruit Tea we got!)

Keep a lookout for more posts in the future! The blogposts for the specific days of Week 1 may be uploaded, as well as the post for a certain Animation Studio Tour, so keep your eyes peeled;)

Team Passionfruit is taking our leave now, see you next time! πŸ…πŸ‰πŸŠπŸŽπŸ“

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