hayyy everyone. we’ve officially survived one week of the NEmation production. is it a good thing? yes, because we’ve completed one week’s worth of filming and animating (we’re actually way ahead of schedule hehe) no, because it’s now kayla’s turn to leave for one week, well at least kaila is back.  

so this entire week, we have been juggling between filming our life action and doing our animation. and trust us when we say that life action can be as difficult as animating. for our life action, we had to film ourselves painting some scenes but this isn’t just ordinary painting, we had to *senor* (hehe no spoilers). but as what mr yihua likes to say, the life filming was like a ‘performance’, one small mistake and everything goes down the drain. when the ink literally flows away and gets wasted.


ft a slightly dazed mr yihua

so far for our animation, we’ve nearly completed all the outlines for the characters and their movements. remember when we said animating was going to be a tiring process? i’m not going to take my word back. staring the the computer screen for hours on end, drawing your characters face with a thin red brush is not a very fun thing to do. by then end of the day, all of us half tired eyes and sore backs. but nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction when you see your drawings come to life.


when my drawing moves *dabs*


but sometimes, not everything go the way we want (TT) and we do struggle to perfect our drawing. to be honest, we also have difficulties drawing our characters because all of us have no art background at all. comparing ourselves to other groups, where some members come from art clubs, we were like 4 confused people at the site.


us right now

but nonetheless, we always kept cool, maintained our posture and viewed things with a positive attitude. with perseverance, our instructors help, and a little background music (aka kayla’s chinese audio book), we’ll complete our animation in no time. hopefully.


when we try to stay positive but end up becoming slightly crazy

moving away from our animation, we met our ambassadors mint and sarah this week. they were (and still are) really nice and found out more about our storyline!!! looking forward to their next visit 😀

and we would also like to take the opportunity to thank our wonderful instructor ms jacinda. although she was only interning, she gave us a lot of valuable experience and insights and made our one week so much more fun and lively. without her, our life filming would probably be a mess right now. also, sorry for staining your hands red ms jacinda!!! :((( we’ll really miss her 😦



when mr yihua stands out not because he’s the only guy



do stay tuned for more updates on our process and more sneak peeks from our animation!!!

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<3, cedar3 (even the heart has a 3)

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