First Day of Second Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We bear "bears" (Hahaha)

Today we are celebrating FDSW (First Day of Second Week). 
We started of this festival by decorating our home with stuff toys. 


Update on Food (because food is very important) 

Also we bought more food 
(MORE FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!) (What's a festival without food?)
But well this time we are being generous and giving it around to all the 
other groups (sharing is caring)

*Ps: we like to be caring

Meanwhile, Raksha was sturggling these past few days as she doesn't know 
how to use chopsticks, and that out of anger she stabbed a piece of chee 
cheong fan using the chopstick (this is why you shouldn't agitate raksha).


Sad News:(

However as we celebrate our festival we also mourn the loss of a good 
This week, we shall continue our journey without Ms. Melissa, on of our 
instructor. She has finished her internship and gone back to study in......
So we will see her again.

Meanwhile we have Mr Yi Hua to help us, who is just as awesome.


Well, Our ANIMATION Process

We finally finished all our illustrations and we are ANIMATING!!!!! Woohoo!
We are all so excited and have had a great start. We started of by 
animating our main character as a practice, and did very well. 
We just hope that this great start would continue on till the very end. 
It is a tiring process and we praaaaaaaaaay we have enough energy to finish 
and not just collapse in the middle of it. We are super thankful we added 
Donut Ilyzah to our group otherwise we would have died, probably still 
illustrating and would have never started animating. (NOOO our characters 
will be dead)

Ending (tears coming out T.T)

Like how all good things must come to an end, we shall have to end as well. 
As always, stay tuned for more updates on our N.E.mation!11 journey, we 
will be posting soon
Encourage your family, friends, colleagues and whoever else you 
know to follow us on our journey too.

Side note: sorry we were suppose to post this yesterday but...

Remember to follow us and like us on 
Twitter:@doughnutsndonuts and
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