megan died from eating pizza?!!??!????!!??!!

hey guys!! today marks the SECOND WEEK of production!! time passes in a blink of an eye!

today pearlyn and jolene started off the day with a quick jog around the track! gotta keep up the stamina! mr finch also popped by for like four seconds before leaving 😦

today we ordered two boxes of medium pizza and shared it amongst ourselves and mr ariel!!!! as usual megan ate the most no . of slices… like 5:( also mgn did NOT die from eating pizza we r clickbaiting like always 🙂

we also did our test run for our video and we’re happy to say that its going pretty well! we just have to work harder for the actual video and make the necessary changes to it!!!

we ate a lot of junk food so pearlyn and jolene (again) decided to run at the end of the day n jolene did her workout (since shes in track) n her limbs hurt A LOT afterwards 😥

today was rlly fun as usual and !!!! we’re super excited for u guys to see our final product!!! do follow our instagram @im.possibro and twitter @_impossibro and like, comment and share our posts!!! thankyou! ❤


^ using an old photo of us taken during the 1 week selection bc we didnt take any today!!!

until next time!

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jolene pearlyn megan renee do vote for us for nemation 11! #NE11C07
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