Agonizing Animation- Passionfruit🍓

Can you tell I just love alliteration? Anyways, hello again, it’s Passionfruit! We are back from another tiring day of animation and WOW it was tough.
We finally got a hang of animation, and are beginning to get better with actually moving our characters around, unlike yesterday which just consisted of flying limbs and disappearing objects. However, our computers were experiencing a bit of technical difficulties, aka, it crashed many many times. Nothing can describe the feeling you get when you see the screen go blank and you feel like tossing away the entire equipment (note: we will never do that please don’t lecture us tomorrow)

But other then the computers fiasco, we were glad that our animation was actually on schedule! But of course, we hope that we can get ~ ahead of schedule ~ soon and finish up animating;)

Let’s stop here for tonight, shall we? There’s a brand new day tomorrow and we’re excited to see what it’ll bring. And whatever happens, we will definitely be posting about it, so keep a close watch for our updates! Remember that we have an instagram and a twitter for you guys to stalk and follow, so please do!

And as always, we’ll be seeing you guys very soon! Passionfruit, away! 🍅🍉🍊🍎🍓

^Picture of the day 

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