The long awaited time has arrived! Week 2 has started and we are all *cough* excited *cough*. No, really. Ame has a sore throat. You thought we were sarcastic?

Anyway, we are still ahead of time! If you exclude our leader of course *cough* Wan *cough*. Yes she has phlegm. Probably because she has been reading kpop fan-fictions all night… but it’s not her fault, they’re addictive kay?


Image result for vixx hyukbin fanfic

Image result for hyukbin

look  at those two ^^



so far nobody’s computer has crashed, which is a good thing!

Chris’s Headphones don’t work anymore. Before you think this is just a piece if useless information, this caused her to have a nervous breakdown, affecting her work! But after awhile, she managed to get back on time! (because she realised she still had her other earpiece with her )

Mich had some troubles animating as she was confused about keyframing, so the character kept glitching. however, with some help from the most swag instructor Miss Ying Hui, she’s getting back on her feet again. 🙂

Ame is really happy at the moment, because she finished ahead of schedule and she managed to animate! She also printed a picture of her and one of her favourite cosplayers, Kaname

Displaying Screenshot_20161129-104611.png

Ame and Kaname

So she has a lot of motivation now!

Wan thinks its very irritating to use keyframes. But she’s getting the hanging of it. She’s also very sad because she’s “the only one lagging behind”. The rest of us are trying to cheer her up!


Oh well, this is a little more tiring than last week, but we also or a lot more used to the computer software (eg. keyframing/ creating classic tweens)  which is definitely a good thing. Honestly, we are really enjoying ourselves, and we are also preparing to stay  back




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