Apologies from Team [Blank Space]!

Hey guys! Team [Blank Space] would like to express our sincere apologies for not keeping all of you updated on events that happened last week. So to make up for it, we will be giving you guys a short recap of what happened last week. There will Part 1 and 2. Do check out Part 2 after this!

1 Day Before Production:



So basically we kinda looted a whole shelf of snacks >< I guess you could pass out if you heard how much we spent altogether. Olivia didn’t manage to join us though. It’s a scary process though. You can see sharp eyes staring at you everywhere. FROM EVERY CORNER OF THE SUPERMARKET. But who cares? We get to overload our bellies with delicious snacks. Unfortunately, Adilah had to carry those humongous plastic bags home. She had a hard time.

DAY 1-3 : Sewing Class + Finishing touches for outfits

Ms Helena came to help us with our sewing skills so that we can sew the outfits for the finger puppets. We only manage to finish the outfits after 2 days.. However, the end product made us feel that all that hard work paid off. Thank you Ms Helena! Saranghaeyo!



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