renee is missing??!??!!!?!!

HELLO ALL!!! today’s the second day of production!! we kinda finished our trial run and we had numerous paper cuts from tearing the paper and our hands are all sticky after the spray mounting aka jam out session!!


so we pasted the self adhesive foil onto the table in which we’re going to film our video on, and tomorrow we’re going to try to position our lights such that there wont be like reflection on our table(??) we are also gonna use some light diffusers to lessen the glare from the lights!!!


^ mgn and perlyn holding a light diffuser! pic cr mr ariel

also tomorrow we’re going to start on our actual shoot, and we’re super excited but also really scared that we might mess up and end up having to reprint & spray mount which would slow down our process! 😥 we should also sleep earlier tonight because even mr ariel realised we look really sleepy today. also renee couldnt be contacted bc she was so tired she fell asleep from 8.30-10 hence everyone (just jolene, actually) thought she was mISSING!!:( also the secret behind megan pearlyn and jolene disappearing was just!!! renees awesome trimming skillz!!!!

tomorrow’s the day we r gonna get interviewed! we have prepared our elevator pitch and we feel quite excited about the interview but we all need to up our chinese game!! 😀 also everyone has been falling sick recently so do drink more water and take care of yourselves!!!
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until next time!




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