Week 1 Summary by Finding Sanity

Annyeonghaseyo! Finding Sanity imnida!


However, we think we are all really excited to start production! We are pretty on track right now so everything is okay we guess (no promises)

Because we are very nice, we will tell you people the highlights of each day of Week 1 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Day 1: We got more than $500 DOLLARS worth of Koufu vouchers. That’s twice of what we get for Chinese New Year in ang baos, so of course we were elated. Wan and Mich did keyframing, while Ame and Chris did the backgrounds.

Day 2: We were ahead of schedule, and most of have started Thursday’s work. Chris’s computer crashed 2 times, and she slammed the table. But the table was not hurt, so don’t worry. Ame was so nice and printed pictures of our kpop/anime idols for us to paste on our tent walls for motivation. ( if we finish faster, we can stare at their faces longer! kekeke)

Day 3: Ame printed even more pictures for us for EVEN MORE motivation, which is probably the reason why we are ahead of schedule.The only bad thing is that all of us had to adjust to new jobs. Ame and Chris did keyframing while Wan and Mich did the backgrounds.  Chris’s computer crashed again, thank God she saved her work. We also met our ambassador, Mr John Tan. He was very friendly, so it wasn’t awkward. We didn’t prepare a speech though, but it still went surprisingly well! We even introduced him to Kim Wonshik ( below )

Ame also printed 9 pictures of Satansoo ( also below) and we hid it all over the area. You know, to make friends. Obviously *cough* .

Image result for satansoo face

Satansoo ^^

Image result for kim wonshik

Kim Wonshik ^^

Day 4 : We bought 2 bags of chips to share. Bad idea. We all kept drinking water and had to go toilet so many times, it distracted us from doing work. The good thing was, we were  still ahead of schedule! Chris’s computer crashed. Again. This time she didn’t save. {LET THIS BE A WARNING TO OTHER GROUPS. ALWAYS SAVE YOUR WORK EVERY FIVE SECONDS UNLESS YOU’RE USING PIXELS IN WHICH CASE YOU SHOULD SAVE AFTER EVER PIXEL ( COS SOME PABO MAY DELETE IT OR COMPUTER MAY CRASH)}  So she had to restart :”(. Ame and Mich were also super sad, because they had to construct the HDB flat and HDB estate, but with some patience, they are doing very well! *cough*  After working hours,  9.00am to 6.0opm, Ame had to leave for dinner with her family, but we saw our dear instructors playing Frisbee secretly… ( here is the pro, Mr Yi Hua  and the pro-but-not-so-pro, Mr. Nova)

Displaying IMG-20161125-WA0002.jpg

Mr. Yi Hua also threw the frisbee at our heads  ( *cough* purposely *cough* ) but we still forgave him because we are nice. (* cough * after showing him video proof and  he admitted to his mistake * cough *)

Our favourite instructor, Miss Yinghui also helped Chris install a new software to prevent crashing! Yay 😀


Day 5: The two pabos, Mich and Chris, thought it was a good idea to use their phones the moment they woke up, so they showed up with huge eyebags. ( My eyes are so ready to travel, they even packed their bags. Get it? No? Never mind.) That kind of affected their work because they were dozing off now and then, but they managed to find their energy after drinking Gongcha! Mich’s computer crashed thrice today, along with Chris’s.Wan also struggled very hard deciding her wall colour for the room, Ame also had trouble deciding colours for the HDB flat. Mich had to count 5000+ pixels individually too. By the end of production, we all probably would need glasses. We also got interviewed today, which gave us a glimpse of how the real interview was gonna take place. Wan and Chris finished a little early, so we started on the blog we abandoned ( sorry blog ) .

Mich also regrets giving Wan the feather she found on the floor because she keeps tickling people with it.

Overall, we are very happy with this week, and we have no regrets 🙂

~ F.S.




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