A sneak peek of Adilah’s life!

Hey guys! We supposed you don’t know us really well, so we are gonna have an exclusive sneak peek of each and every member of [Blank Space] lives 🙂 Let’s start with Adilah for today!

Adilah’s Profile:


Full Name: Nur Adilah Binte Jamaludin

Age: 14

Nickname: Shadilah

Birthday: 14 May 2002

Some little facts about her:

1 > She is VERY,VERY SPORTY. She can do anything connected to sports and fitness.

2 > She plays her phone in the toilet. She even has a phone holder in her toilet ( CEDAR3 OVERHEARD US ><) P.S = Please don’t judge her. Everyone has a weird side to them 🙂

3 > She is more GAY-ER (idek if this is English) than you think she is >< That’s what we think since we have known her for quite a while. Once you know her too much and too deep, you’re doomed for life. 3 > She also plays soccer. It’s her hobby and passion!


4 > She plays Netball. Her CCA at school is also Netball. She joins an academy called Singapore Netball Academy. Last Sunday, she managed to secure the championship trophy with her team in a match with Sports Ready and Tanglin Secondary.  The team would like to congratulate her! Here are some pictures :

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