Animating, AGAIN


That’s what we are……….


Today was exceptionally hard for all of us. And I honestly feel bad for our instructor, having to run around everywhere, but we will make it up to her 🙂

Displaying IMG_20161130_111158.jpg

Poor Miss Yinghui

Anyway, here were some troubles we came across today:

1: Before talking to our ambassador, Ame saved her work, but when she came back, all of her progress was gone 😦 KEN YOU BELIEVE IT? she is currently redoing it.

2. We were supposed to animate “sound effects” like BANG or POW. But because we are using pixels, it was pretty hard to perfect it, so we have to scrap the idea and come up with more ideas to replace it.

Displaying 20161130_162539.jpg

our attempt

3. Chris took quite some perfecting the scenery, but it seems alright now. 🙂

4. The timing of the key frames were rather tricky as one mistake would cause everything to be out of sync, so we had to retry and retry, along with jotting down all the timings as well.

Displaying 20161130_164115.jpg

Wan’s timeline

Alright, enough with the depressing things x)

Ame and Mich switched jobs today as they both are better at doing each others’ jobs, so it’s a good thing to be in a team where we can help each other out!

We are still ahead of time, which is really surprising to us!

We are running out of songs to listen to so please recommend songs to us 🙂

and yes, we know that Mr Andrew said to tone down on the kpop, so we will just leave you with one picture

Image result for vixxo




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