choir during production?!!?!!? ft dinosoar!!!

hey guys!!!! today marks the middle of production!!! time passes by SUPER fast!!

we tried filming the actual shoot today but we messed up some scenes so we’re going to shoot again tomorrow! in one of the scenes the blutack could be seen so 😦 and also we still have to improve on our tearing! tomorrow we are going to reprint and spray mount everything again but that’s what production is all about – you have to redo and redo for like the nth time before your video is presentable!!


^ megan and jolene hard at work!!!!

however we did improve from yesterday’s trial shoot! our tearing of the papers was much neater and some of the transitions between certain scenes became smoother!! hopefully we can keep improving and push our limits so our end product would really become the best we can do!

today was EXTRA special because while working, we sang fifth harmony songs with dinosoar because their tent is right beside us! can’t wait for more performances with this friendly bunch!

we also had a few pieces of caramel cake which was bought for the celebration of the birthdays of the november and december babies, and it tasted HEAVENLY.

ALSO!!! today we got interviewed by 88.3 jia fm! the interview was conducted in mandarin and megan & jolene’s chinese is kinda below average so pearlyn and renee did most of the talking!

today was really eventful and full of joy as always, and we hope you guys can continue to support us! and if you dont know how to support us, you can start off by following and liking our posts on our instagram @im.possibro and if you haven’t, follow our twitter at @_impossibro!!

until next time!

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jolene pearlyn megan renee do vote for us for nemation 11! #NE11C07
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