Day 3 , Week 2

Hey guys! So basically, today was the celebration for the November and December babies. They actually had a Caramel sponge cake to celebrate. But Adilah HAVE NEVER TASTED CARAMEL IN HER ENTIRE LIFE. She have always hated the idea of tasting caramel unlike the rest of us. Well, she was quite happy that Baby Jonas was here.

[Blank Space] would like to wish all the November and December babies a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May all your wishes come true.

P.S [sorry about “Brolivia’s ugly bun HAHAHAHA]


Anyways, let me just give all of you an idea how Hui Xin’s reaction when she heard the word “CAKE” .


*Trying to attract the cake be like..*


So, lets get back to what this post was supposed to be about ><

Monday, 28/11/16 and Tuesday, 29/11/16 :

We had to use up those two days for the finishing touches for the backgrounds.


giphy (1).gif

But we did not! We did not give up despite the hard challenges and obstacles. We managed to complete the backgrounds.

Wednesday, 30/11/16 :

We are now working on our live shoot for the different scenes in our future animation clip.


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Thank youuu ❤

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