MADEit: MAKINGit (Part 3)

It’s the middle of Production! Andddddd we’re back with Part 3 of the MAKINGit series!


Getting into Top 20 was not easy, but the experience in Top 20 was very valuable.
We took a little break from improving our stories, and got some hands-on experience on animating 😎


Joining in the hype of Pokémon Go!, we incorporated Pokémon into our 2D animation experience! We used Adobe Animate and with the help of our instructor, Ms Elaine, we created this pleasant short animation 😊



Moving on to Stop Motion Animation, we had a go at creating a very short video on vehicle pollution. Which, well, turned out to be more of an Angel-and-Devil situation 😆
It was really really enjoyable, which could be partly due to us having more time to look around and experiment for ourselves this time around (compared to last year hehe) 😀


The following day — We were back to improving our story!
Having tried out the different animation techniques, we could better visualise how realistic our story was, and how we could best bring out our message. And of course, we translated our story from word form to picture form 🙂


MADEit - Storyboard.jpg

Ta-da!! Our storyboard, which was completed with the help of the many instructors ☺


Day 6 – Last Stage of Selection (Top 10 Selection)

Despite having picked out an afternoon slot for pitching (Angel’s golden hands ._.), we met up in the morning to rehearse our pitch and prepare our props!


We were definitely VERY nervous, but we all bore this in mind — Have no regrets, and did our best in our final pitch.

The judges were very friendly, and offered many suggestions for improvement, which were mainly on strengthening our message. We really appreciated them!


Around 5-something, the instructors arrived, results in hand. By then, our hearts were pounding, especially while waiting for our team to be called out.

Upon hearing “…one of the Top 10 teams!”, we could not control ourselves but exclaim in joy. Some of us even teared up :”)


And this, was our rollercoaster-like journey to Top 10, which ALL happened within 1 week.
Following that week, we headed back to focusing on our studies. And now, we’re already in the second week of production.

It’s gonna be a blast! 🎉



Psssssst 😉

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