Interviews and Computers: An unexpected romance – passionfruit🍓

Yo yo yo, it’s Passionfruit! We’re back after an exhausting day of animation, and it’s time for your daily update of our lives!!✨✨
The day started with Pamela just lunging a bag full of Mamee Monster snacks, wanting to give it to the teams for their kindness and support they gave to us for the past week ❤

So we wrote out cards for them and gave them the snacks, it was great to do something nice to warm our cold dead hearts 😊😊 kidding, kidding. It was nice to give them presents though (shoutout to Impossibro for winning our Guess The Theme mini contest!!)

The rest of the day was filled with more and more animation, which was starting to get easier, except for the occasional screw up and computer crash. But then noon came about and we received the dreaded news: an interviewer was coming to interview us. In Chinese.

To be clear, our Chinese isn’t that bad, but it was still nerve wrecking. When we were invited out to be interviewed, we were pretty sure our legs were going to melt into a puddle of anxiety.

We met the interviewer, who thankfully prepped us up with questions and answers first before she actually recorded us. And, with our stumbling Chinese, we managed to finish the interview without collapsing!!!:00 (Also the interviewer/radio DJ was amazing, we were scared half to death by her rapid talking)

And after we came back from the interview, we animated again. And again and again and again. We had small talk amongst ourselves and Mr Nova ❤❤ our instructors, and were kept entertained by the occasional singing next door (To whom it may concern: The singing was very nice! Just tone down a little; same with the rubber chicken👍)

But time passes by when you’re having fun, and soon it was the Daily Debrief. But this was a ~ special ~ one, because it had cake!🎂 And everyone who was a November & December baby went up to cut the cake, which was awkward but fun! (The only reason why Mabel went up to cut the cake was to get closer with Jonas the Baby, let’s be honest)

And as the day came to an end, all four of us headed back into our tent, ready to get work done soon, only to have Pamela realize something: she closed her file without saving.

Emotions spilled out and we all huddled for a group hug in memory of a lost file, while Pamela snapchatted the whole thing and rest of us just sadly comforted her. She had to do the entire scene again bUT WAIT towards the end of our session, she found out she had opened the wrong file, and that her original work was safe and sound.


Anyways, that was the entire fiasco that happened in the span of 10 + hours. It was really fun and chaotic and mentally tiring. And as the clock nears 1am, we will stop here for now. Instagram and twitter always have much more pictures and videos, so follow us there! Till tomorrow, amigos, good night! 🍅🍉🍊🍎🍓
​Picture of the day:

Can you see the difference?😝

Credits to Pamela’s photoshop skills🤗Heheheheh!

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