MADEit: 1.5 weeks over :D Guess who came?

HEY THERE! Wen here :)) aka the lazy one and the one who sleeps a lotttt- at least the most in my group cos everyone else sleeps after midnight ._.

Time check- Dec just started (like TODAY- if u havent realised)!!!  and we are halfway through production!! 😀

So far, its really tiring but v satisfying to finally be able to see the products of our hard work slowly surfacing. And among all these tiring moments, we always look forward to times where visitors come and we actually get some human contact (physically, not through the screen with the 2D ones we stare at throughout the day).  So the people who visited us include….

One of the people who we will rely a lot on next year for our public voting phase, our ambassadors, Geng Hui and John!! They visited us last week and this week and got to know our stories, as well as checked on our progress (which we find that we are pretty on time pheww) It was really interesting to find out that one of our ambassador, John, has a daughter who is an ex-Cedarian and Geng Hui has also mentioned that he had quite a number of friends from Cedar!! #cedarpride

Do check out their blogs:  John , Geng Hui



The people who have supported us since we started our seed ideas, following us through our journey from the top 100, our teachers!! For the first week, one of our teachers, Ms Begam, dropped by with some pizza ♡♡ We(the 3 Cedar teams) actually requested for it so we were looking forward to her coming when she mentioned that she was going to come by cos WE ALL LOVE FOOD 😀 And just a few days ago, this week, 2 of our teachers, Ms Lee and Mr Lee (yep same surnames wow coincidence) came by with Redondos for everyone!!

Our attempt of the Mannequin Challenge during their visit:

Some pictures from their visits 🙂

The ones who went through NE10 with us 🙂 Here’s a dedi to Deng Cheng from Spatium for coming all the way down and getting Gong Cha for me n Gwyneth (yep sry we didnt get a grp pic w her so heres a selfie Gwyneth took w her)




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