renee’s second breakdown?!!?!

hey guys!! today’s the fourth day of week 2!!! we tried filming the actual thing today but halfway through something went wrong 😦 we stopped filming because we had to grab lunch, and after we came back the camera kind of shifted & we thought it wasnt obvious bUT turns out afterwards whn we played back what we filmed, the change was really qUITE obvious so we have to refilm everything.. all our hardwork gone to waste bUT its okay!! :,) we had to reprint and re-spray mount almost everything again but we will try to complete the actual shoot tomorrow! 😦



our backs hurt a lot from spray mounting for the past few days and renee had a breakdown AGAIN because a really thick stack of paper we need for filming got messed up & kinda dropped? on the table and she thought we had to put everything back in order again/re print everything due to the creases on the paper.. thankfully it wasnt really folded and it was still in order so the stack of paper could still be used for filming!!! also gws renee…

also we visited dinosoar’s tent again and took lots of pictures!


one of our ambassadors, sarah, will be visiting us again tomorrow and we look forward to seeing her again!

do remember to follow our instagram @im.possibro and our twitter @_impossibro thankyou! 🙂 ❤

until next time!

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jolene pearlyn megan renee do vote for us for nemation 11! #NE11C07
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