Week 2,… what day is it today..?

After checking the date for the 37291948573478347th time today, (no I did not just randomly press numbers… ok maybe I did… I did…) it is currently the 4th day of our second week here at N.E.mation. Whoop!!! 😀

In contrast to the first week, our second week seems to be flying by really fast (CAUSE WE GONNA FLYYYYYY – like GOT7;)) Image result for jackson glasses got7

jokes aside, things have been going really smoothly this week and we have been progressing much faster than we thought we would:)

Even though week 2 sounds all sunshine and rainbows, we can guarantee you otherwise. (Wish we didn’t have to though…:(()

Mich’s computer has crashed a total of three times this week, slowing her down by a lot as she had to wait for her computer to come back from it’s five minute breaks. Currently, she is still waiting for her computer to get back from its more-than-five-minutes break…:(( Luckily, our swaggy instructor, Miss Ying Hui, taught us a way to save our work WHILE it crashes, saving us (I NEED YOUR LOVE BEFORE I FALL FALL) from a lot of redoing our work:3 THANK YOU MISS YING HUI!!!<33

Ame and Mich had switched jobs halfway through the week (Ame from drawing to animating and Mich from animating to drawing) because they felt more comfortable with each other’s jobs, but that lead Ame down the sad and dark path of a good 5 hours worth of trying to unravel (OSHIETE OSHIETE YO) the wraps behind Mich’s work and redoing basically everything:(( Thankfully, Ame is now freed from that terrible past and back to fangirling over her cosplay idol, Kaname, whom is happily receiving lots of love and screaming and… getting… stroked… on the head…(sensually caressing..your hair) sitting on top of her computer screen. Mich is also living the blissful life of doing her favourite part of animating, drawing out our backgrounds and characters:)) (which looks great by the way;))) to me at least lol X)) Do look out for those in our animation!!:)))

For the sake of Mich’s bliss, Ame is sadly not the only one that had to go through trials…:( Both Chris and Wan are currently in charge of drawing out rough silhouettes of Mich’s work and because of her better-than-Picasso artwork, they’re now bowing down to Mich’s all-too-goodness, crying and cursing her born talent. Thanks a lot Mich. For the extra work. We love you…:((<33


Chris’s computer has crashed yet again!!!:00  guess that’s what you get for not giving your computer enough love… Learn from this lesson kids… NEVER get angry at your computer unless you want it to crash every 10 minutes while you’re working…

Despite all these trials and difficulties!!! We, Finding Sanity!! Will NOT bow down to such troubles!!:)) No matter what we face, we will always remember to have 100 times more fun. MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHA >:)) (sorry instructors and basically anyone that has to put up with us…)

Yesterday, our kind *cough* school teacher, Mr Chan, came over to check on us on his $1000 electronic scooter (hehhehheh…;))) of course!!! As a team that’s out to find our sanity, we need to get to places fast in search for it, so we asked Mr Chan if we could go for a few rounds on his scooter, causing him to not only be late for his CCA duties back in school, but also almost costing him (that pun though hahaha. $1000? Costing? Hahahaha… Ha… Hah… Sorry…)  his life when Mich almost rammed the scooter into a wall (not on purpose at all!! We swear!! *cough cough*) and Wan ran away with the scooter that poor Mr Chan (rich enough to buy a $1000 dollar though so don’t send in money to him, but donations to the Finding Sanity funds is greatly appreciated;))) had to chase after.


If you think that’s all the fun team Finding Sanity has had since the start of week 2? Then guess what? You’re completely wrong if you thought “right”!;)

Just after lunch today, we mixed up a special concoction of powdered drinks for our lovely instructors to taste!!:)) Here are some comments we received from them after trying the drink:

“Tastes normal I guess..?” -Mr Nova

“It was highly unique in taste.” -Mr El. (so chim)

“It was… tch… Five stars out of five. Okay? Happy?” -Miss Ying Hui (yes we are thank you)

“Looks questionable.” -Miss Heather

If any of you are interested in making this special concoction for yourself too, here is the recipe that you will not be found anywhere else!!:))) So do share this blog post to more people and spread the love to “Finding Hakyeon in The Dark”, which is our name for the drink.

-2 packets of choco oats

-1 packet of sugar

-1 packet of creamer

-1 packet of 3-in-1 coffee

-half a styrofoam cup of hot water

^^We hope you all enjoy this special drink brought to you by Finding Sanity!! It was so good, there were no leftovers!!;) if you’re too lazy to make this super easy drink yourself, please hesitate to ask us to make a cup for you, ’cause we will not accept that offer anyways;3.

If you have diarrhea, don’t sue us… It’s more likely something else you ate/drank:)))

And yep!!:)) That’s what we’ve been through so far!!:)) JHopefully (Yes the JHope is on purpose…) this gives you a clearer view of how Finding Sanity is as a team:):) if you happen to stumble by any one of our sanities, do not hesitate to contact us by going to:

Instagram: @finding_sanitynemation

Twitter: @finding_sanityNE

Facebook: Finding Sanity

to contact us!!:):) (maybe go ahead and… oh I don’t know..? Follow us on those accounts too..?:)))

Since Mr Andrew has made it quite clear in front of the entire top 10 teams during our debrief on Tuesday not to post too many pictures of kpop idols, we will leave you a picture of the handsome and super manly picture of Kaname-san cosplaying Lavi from D-Grayman instead. (My personal favourite;))


The ever beautiful Kaname-san<33

Hope everyone stays sane (unlike us…) and healthy!!:))) Finding Sanity, signing out:33




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