4/4 broke down??!!!?? kinda

hey guys!! today marks the end of week two and it was super emotional for us as well as SUPER SUPER tiring!

we started off the day by going straight into filming the actual video and that went well until we came back from lunch. after we came back the lighting changed and the camera shifted slightly and this was not the first time it has happened! after we watched what we have completed we realised that the change was really minimal so we didn’t think much about it and continued.


^ ft. jolenes hand!!!

one thing led to another and mr joshua gave us a talk about how they only make us redo if we have time and jolene cried and pearlyn cried earlier in the day because she was stressed out and feeling emo about how we might not be able to finish the video in time due to jolene going overseas on wed….. and renee cries everyday (not true) and megan always has tears in her eyes so!

also we probably spent more than an hour today aligning the paper because whenever we do a frame wrongly or it turns out weird, we have to reprint the paper and align it again!! and apparently the printer has like a lil problem and the margin of the border differs everytime we print something :,) it only differs a little but the change will look quite obvious in the video so we have to align it exACTLY using the onion skin and honestly it gets really frustrating sometimes 😦

and here we thought we would never have to OT but we OT-ed today!!! and we are also going back to do work tomorrow :,) but its OK~ we’ll do our best so that our video will turn out well!!!

also please follow us on instagram @im.possibro and our twitter @_impossibro if u havent!! thankyou for ur support! ❤

until next time! 🙂

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jolene pearlyn megan renee do vote for us for nemation 11! #NE11C07
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