Finding Hakyeon in the dark

It’s the last day of Week 2! Yaaayy!!:)

The past two weeks seemed to have gone by really fast and we can’t help but laugh at how worried we were at the start of the production period that we would not be able to finish anything in time.

We are happy with how our animation is currently and are excited to see it all fall into place. Are you guys excited too? 🙂

Never in a million years would any of us have thought that we would get to where we are right now and we honestly do get giddy from thinking about it sometimes. (or maybe it’s just me…) It was with the help of our instructors, school teachers-in-charge that supported us from the start of it all (with food…;)) and most importantly, the people reading this very sentence right now. To our family, friends and strangers that have been supporting us through this tiring (VERY) production period, thank you. Without your support, we would probably be feeling scared and lost right now. So thank you all!!<3


Back to the Finding Sanity that loves creating havoc, irritating our teachers and instructors, ramming scooters into walls (accidental or not), rebelling against pull/push signs and finishing up all the food supplied by the N.E.mation team;)

We are all ecstatic to (FINALLY) start our personal holiday plans too!!

Because of the production period that happened to fall between late November and early December, Chris sadly had to change holiday plans, BUT…She is also excited to be going to a different holiday location, similar to her initial plan (because the amazing Ame *flips hair and breaks neck* is going to the exact same place just a day after too), TOKYO! WHOOP!! (which… MR NOVA IS GOING TOO, NOOOOOOO)

Although Chris was excited to go to Hokkaido at first, she is still happy that she will be able to go on a holiday with her family. Because as the saying goes, “it’s not where you are, but who you are with.” WHOA AME IS BEING DEEP AND COOL *flips hair and falls off chair*

Ame on the other hand, has been waiting for this trip for the longest time and is getting really hyped about the fact that she will be leaving for Japan soon:) As a proud citizen of the Republic of Anime, she’s already getting ready to haul back luggages full of anime merchandise (that she will… definitely… share… maybe… Okay. No, I won’t.)

Mich and Wan however, are both stranded in Singapore due to the lack of space in both Chris and Ame’s luggages…:( WE’LL MISS YOU TWO!!! SORRY!! (sorry sorry sorry sorry – Super Junior)

Image result for sorry sj

The good thing is that the duo will be given much more time to finish up the holiday homework – which they will most likely leave to the last minute anyways… – (AN OXYMORON RIGHT THERE. THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS HOLIDAY AND HOMEWORK GOING TOGETHER) that we were given at the end of our Sec 1 year. (for all of you out there who don’t know how old we are, yes. We are 13. Yay.)

It has been a great 2 weeks for the citizens of Finding Sanity and we think we’re starting to lose more of it… (if it’s even possible… well, negative numbers exist… So…)

We hope to get as much rest as we can during the weekends tomorrow, so that we can put in our all for the final week:) hope our ambassador, Mr Geng Hui, doesn’t end up with diabetes after our concoction today N.E.heh heh… (THAT PUN HAHAHAHA but seriously, check out our neighbours, N.E. heh heh, too)

^^in line with the recipe we posted yesterday, here’s a video tutorial on how to make the perfect “Finding Hakyeon in The Dark”:)

Disclaimer: we are NOT responsible for anyone who gets diabetes from drinking this concoction because your bar-tending skills is probably just not as good as ours. XD

That’s it for this week I guess?

Hope all you sane ones get a good rest this weekend like what we’d be doing!! (for the insane ones like us, okay maybe we’re a level beyond insane… just… don’t get into trouble for once.)

See you next week!!:) Finding Sanity, signing out:





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