is the nyp lounge haunted??????!!!?!! *CLICKBAIT*

hey guys!!!! so todays a saturday and we had to go back to do our shoot 😦 but aT LEAst now we actually have a complete shoot!!!! though there might be a few mistakes here and there ://

as usual the paper kept moving and we had to align the paper …… for like at least 5 times today 😥 But it didnt take us as long! i think because we got better at it after so much re-aligning! also the camera kept shifting as USUAL!!!! and dinosoar asked mr ariel if the place is haunted because the tent kept moving!!! hmmm maybe thats the real reason why our camera keeps shifting for no reason! sike but aNYWAYS

today was pretty lit!! we had lunch with dinosoar & mr ariel and then we played frisbee with them and mr el and mr yi hua and ms heather!


^ megans throwing sucks the frisbee was clearly going slanted!

we also jammed out to some songs after like 3 or 4pm because dinosoar and us were the only teams left there!! then before we went home we cleaned up our tent a little because it was really messy and resembled megans true roots…. where she truly belong… which is the JUNGLE!!!! we also threw away this huge garbage bag that we used to contain the torn papers (as well as the tetra packs and snack wrappers)

((we actually took a boomerang of us with the huge trash bag in front of the christmas tree but it doesnt want to load so!! do take a look at it on our instagram :-D))

all in all today was quite a fun but also of course exhausting day! do continue to support us by following us on instagram @im.possibro and on twitter @_impossibro thank u for ur support! ❤

About impossibro

jolene pearlyn megan renee do vote for us for nemation 11! #NE11C07
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