heyy everyone!!! two weeks have passed since the start of production yayy!! okay, we aren’t that really happy because we’re all quite confused of what really went on in the past one week. in fact, all 3 of us were actually very surprised that one week passed so quickly. we were all just like WHATTTTT???

well, for the past one week, we have been staying back pass 6 so that we could complete our work. so, instead of leaving at 6, we all left the nyp lounge at around 8.30 daily. ever wondered how we looked like leaving nyp late at night?


yes, that’s what the blur kaila looks on a daily basis

yup, because we have been staying back late every day, we didn’t have the time to do blogs as regular as last week. (we even went back on a saturday to try and catch up with our work) instead, we’ll attempt to recap whatever interesting things that happened this week.

needless to say, we’ve been drawing and drawing and drawing for nearly 12 hours a day straight for the past 5 days. hmm? Let’s see, is there anything interesting? erm, we drew?? to explain, our animation clip is split into main 4 scenes, and with each scene comes a transition. so, in total, we have 8 scenes to draw. after staying back everyday, we are pleased to say that we have already completed the drawing of the 4 main scenes!!! yayyyy! so, the only things to do left is to do the last week is the transitioning!!!

of course everything didn’t go the way we expected it to go. sometimes, we drew for hours on end, only to find out that our animation wasn’t “of quality” and we had to re-do everything again.


sometimes, we’re not sure of how to draw things because we obviously aren’t the best artists around here. to make things better, we even have to use our own hands as models because we can’t really visualise things very well.

sometimes, we’re on the edge to going mad because we’ve been staring the screen for way too long. tanya actually went slightly mad and rocked under the table for over 10 mins because she was really done with the shadows.

sometimes, we are totally clueless on how to draw the highlights and have to get help from the oh-so-awesome mr yihua. he’s literally our savior throughout this whole animating process.

but sometimes, we try to be optimistic by having a little fun. and when we say fun, it literally means carrying, or trying to carry, your group members. sorry for the blurry photo, we were trying hard not to laugh.


sometimes, we get a little bored and fed up with staring at the computer screen that we start drawing really strange things. 

as you can tell, being one member down for one full week isn’t necessarily something to be proud of. lucky for us, kayla is coming back next week, so at least we can split the remaining work up equally this time round.

hopefully, week 3 would be nice to us for things go all smoothly. perhaps, we won’t have to OT any longer!! righttt??


soooo, that’s all for this times blog, we’ll try to update as regularly as possible 🙂  

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<3, cedar3 (even the heart has a 3)

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