end of week 2!!

Its finally the end of week 2 – is that a good thing ? Not really we are rather behind schedule NOOOO ( ;∀;)

This week has mainly been intense work work work work work and staying back everyday (since week one ha..ha). Week one was pre-production -getting the props and characters all up and ready and week 2 was animating.



^someone tell me how to stay sane trapped here for 12 hours each day?!

If I had to summarize week 2, it would probably boil down to :
1) becoming crazy
2) becoming insane
3) becoming insanely crazy

Since our animation is based off a song, we have to animate each actions to. each. beat. That includes listening to a single word played painfully slowly dragging on, backwards and forward. Faster and slower. For an entire day. Seriously these are the stuff that haunts you and keeps you up at night.

I pray that my team can get a good night’s sleep without the song playing over and over in their heads… Else someone please call the mental institution on standby thanks


Geeking away,

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