Geekstrux: week one (ish) -not really

before the blog: this is a wayy overdue blog post but we are a very very responsible team *coughs* so we have committed ourselves to post this before lunch tomorrow and here it goes ~~

hey there once again!
We are team geekstrux (yes weird name but it is “extremely meaningful” yes ) and I’m so glad to finally say that we have passed the halfway mark of production!

So far week 1 has been (super super) hectic (and painful ) but we all worked extremely hard staying back everyday till around 9 (cries) and I’m proud of us for pulling it through. We have definitely learnt so much more about each other in this one week and 4 days (which translates to 12 hours*11 days- 132hours) .

For instance how Maelynn (our very young team leader) when under stress goes crazy and by crazy I mean it like super crazy. For instance,she once sat at her desk taking pictures of a gummy bear for ten consecutive minutes because the colour was nice.


^hi maelynn

Or how Harinika proclaims she’s cuter than babies (digital and real-life), and flinches 24/7 when Ms Heather (our instructor) creeps up on us(and sadly successes in scaring her).


^who y’all looking at
Wan Ting is the super talented person and can multitask and draw and animate these amazing drawings while she does her own work(which is reading Chinese stories). But if there is one thing you should know about her, she cannot eat spice, not at all because if she does she will “die”



^multi-tasking genius
Next we have our Chloe who is super talented in making the transitions from one scene to another and is extremely OCD. By that I mean that there has to be proper lighting (which has to be at the correct angle if not she will adjust it to be correct to matter how long it takes to do so) when we are taking pictures of the encouragements we received from the other Top 10 Teams for our social media platforms (more details are ⬇⬇)



^rule of thirds has to be applied too

It’s all these bits of memories forged in our illegal trading den (aka our tent/studio) that makes this all so much more tolerable.

To end this post off, we would like to thank our wonderful instructor Ms Heather who is always very patient with us and never angry with us despite the antics we do(or maybe she is but never shows it which makes her an even greater person 💕). She is always encouraging us on even when we want to give up or just kill the characters when we have to redo them many times even if we have to stay back :(..We also want to thank her for always staying with us on those late nights(even on her birthday) and bearing with our lameness and awkwardness.
Thank you to our Crescentians who have supported us through this journey, and to you reading this post, thank you!

Last but not least please do check out our other social media sites at:
Instagram- @geekstrux
Facebook- @geekstrux
Snapchat- @geekstrux
Twitter- @geekstrux

Geeking off,
Team geekstrux

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