happy birthday ms Heather!

-this post is dedicated to our fabulous instructor, ms Heather!-

Last week it was ms Heather’s birthday but we didn’t know until the official end of the day at 6, luckily for us we were OTing (of course) and so we could go make up with a super lame present. Hence, during dinner we made a quick trip to cheers to grab a small cake as a token of appreciation. We then crept back to the studio and fortunately she wasn’t there! So we left it if her table with a sweet note and quickly went back to do our work while checking if she was coming in any moment. True enough, as always she entered in with a bang and we all made up excuses to escape before she found our gift. But when we return she was super thankful haha! Sadly we left at 10 that day (sorry ms Heather!)

On Monday we swore to better celebrate her birthday and bought chocolate with more heartfelt cards we each crafted. As predicted, when she found it she went like

“aiyo you girls should stop giving me gifts but thank you we should all stay healthy too you know”. -ms heather




But we are still all extremely thankful towards ms Heather. Without her we wouldn’t have been able to make it thus far, besides that she has to OT with us everyday, help us, spur us on. Thank you!

(On a side note: being Maelynn, she took out her card and pointed to her message , proudly exclaiming “do you get it” we all stared at her card, “see I used the starting letters of each of our name to make it haha” um okay maelynn good job )

Geeking off,

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